Friday, 21 September 2012

Goals are like Ketchup

"Goals are like Ketchup"
Keisuke Honda, the japanese footballer, said the quote in the title after a though match between Japan and Iraq which Japan some how won 1-0. Although Japan attacked like crazy, they could only get one goal. Many were frustrated about the result including players, but Honda said it in a unique way claiming that if they had scored the 2nd, it would have continued 3,4 and so on.

Just 4 days after that incident, the ketchup easily came out for many japanese players. Honda himself scored 2 goals in his league match against Alania in Russia. In Germany, the third fixture became a japanese festival as Hiroshi Kiyotake scored one and assisted two, 20 year old Takashi Usami scored his first goal  in the budesliga with a world class shot in the right hand corner after turning around with one touch, and Takashi Inui also scored his first goal in his league. I hope these players can keep playing like this so that in 10 years the quote "Goals are like ketchup" gets changed into "Goals are like water". Subscribe, comment and bye bye.

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