Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal

Two days ago, all newspapers had the same front page saying "Van Persie earns a Hat trick". But behind the scenes of the spectacular 3-2 win by Manchester United,  there was another big match which to was more important than any hat trick. Liverpool vs Arsenal. So, liverpool started with a 4-3-3 formation with Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Jose Enrique, Gerrard, Allen, Sahin, Borini, Suarez, Sterling.  The match started with Arsenal keeping slightly more possession than Liverpool,  although it was Borini who made the first attempt for goal. On the 12th minute when Gerrard's corner kick met spot on with Daniel Agger's head, but sadly the shot went wide. This was probably the biggest chance for liverpool. On the 26th minute the 17 year-old dribbler Rahim Sterling got a freekick in an inviting position but Gerrard's attempt was blocked by the wall. Liverpool looked like they were getting their way through until, Lucas Podolski put it in the back of the net with a bit of luck. As soon as Arsenal nicked off Gerrard's pass on their side, they performed a quick counter and Cazorla sent a through ball to Podolski who had out run Enrique. The German's shot could have been saved by Reina, but it slipped past his arms and got swallowed into the net. That pretty much settled the game. Although Liverpool did find a few chances from Sterling's great play, but Arsenal scored yet again and the game was put to sleep. A disappointing 2-0 defeat in their home ground Anfield. 

There wasn't much to see from Liverpool except for Gerrard's sloppy play giving me the thought that even legends can't compete against age. However there was one shining light which was Rahim Sterling, the 17 year-old who without any doubt, showed the greatest play for the Reds. 

The next match is against Sunderland, who have had 2 draws up to now. Although odds are high that the Reds are going to finally grab a win, it will depend on the captain's play going down or up. Subscribe, Comment and bye bye.

(Although I have written the post like I actually saw the match, I coudn't see it with eyes of my own and had to rely on highlights that I saw later.)

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  1. Love that you are choosing this space to share your love of football. Ask me in class and I will show you how o embed a youtube clip, so you can add the video with your text. You have also Labeled (tagged) your posts which is great. Now make sure you have the label widget installed.