Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Liverpool vs Manchester United

The match between Liverpool who have still not won a match in the premier league this year and Manchester United turned into the blood bath that many have predicted.

So, it actually looked like liverpool might win. Manchester united had a sloppy start and it continued on with many chances for liverpool. On the 9th minute Gerrard has a great shot on goal just a bit wide. Suarez makes many chances threatening the opposition goal multiple times. Liverpool takes several corner kicks terrifying United defense but cannot get that finishing blow and fails to score. It looked like a matter of time for liverpool to score until, Shelvey,who was awarded a place in the starting eleven by his great performance in the europe league, match got a red card. That was pretty much all the highlight for me. He didn't deserve a red. Yes it was a two footed tackle but you know who also did a two footed tackle at the same time? Evans. The boy who went for the ball, got touched by Shelvey and cried like a baby. I'm not saying that it wasn't dangerous. I'm just saying that if Shelvey screamed first, Evans would have probably been the man getting off the pitch. So with 10 people for liverpool, man united started getting closer to goal. Although Gerrard scored a goal on the twentieth million chance, they started getting sloppy soon after that and Man united scored in their first chance just a few minutes after Gerrard's. By the 70th minute, everything seemed to calm down but Liverpool had to give another decisive foul. And this time, in the box. Van Persie took the penalty, went in, GAME OVER. Wow. Only if liverpool had scored at least one goal in the first half when they had 11 people.

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