Saturday, 15 September 2012

The second Shinji Kagawa

Sunday mornings in Japan are mostly taken over by Shinji Kagawa the Manchester United player being everywhere in newspapers and TV. But today's morning was a bit different. Although it featured a Japanese soccer player, he wasn't Kagawa; his name was Kiyotake Hiroshi.

The Japanese 23year-old coming from the same club Cereso Osaka as Kagawa was in, only joined Nuremberg, a German football club this Summer. Kiyotake led the U-23 Japan team to the best 4 in the Olympics with 3 assists, narrowly missing the medals. Although he did have some communication issues, he has been playing as the starting eleven in all of Nuremberg's matches until now.

As usual Kiyotake played as a Offensive midfielder yesterday against Borussia Mönchengladbach, the team which came 4th last season in the german Bundesliga. Many had thought that Nuremberg would be the ones to go away looking down, but they were wrong.

On the 17th minute from a freekick around 30 meters from goal, he sends a beautiful cross in which Timm Klose heads in. Just eight minutes after the opening goal, Kiyotake makes an another assist from a corner kick, curling it on to Timmy Simons' head. However victory doesn't come easily for them as the opposition get 2 goals and sends it all back to zero. With the team looking down and the flow pushing Borussia, it looked like a certain loss if it continued this way. But it was again the Japanese samurai which saved the team, scoring his first goal for the club just two minutes after they had been tied. 

With his hard work for the win, he has been rated the best player of the match in almost every article. If he continues to show this kind of play, it won't be long until he follows Shinji Kagawa's footsteps. 

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  1. I wish I had something to say, but just not into football. Although I love that you have found your niche and something to write about. Keep it up and I might just come around.

    Keep writing, I am sure you will find a few readers soon.