Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Person/Character I admire

I admire Shinji Kagawa. He is a Japanese footballer who plays for one of the most famous teams in the world, Manchester United.

I chose a footballer because football is pretty much what I know best about. I admire him because he has set many new records for Japanese footballers, like having scored the most goals than any Japanese footballer has scored in Europe. He is probably the most famous person in Japan because he appears in almost every sport news that I see. He is not as good as the superstars like Messi and Ronaldo but I admire him more than them because I feel more connected to Kagawa. He also wears the number 10 jersey, which is a special number only the best players in japan have worn, for the Japanese international team. So, most of what I have written so far is about how I admire him as a footballer but there is more than just that to him that makes me respect him so much.

(Video features him in Borrusia Dortmund, the club he was in last year.) 

I also admire his personality, as he is not like several world class players who behave as if they were the king, instead he is honest and respectful. You can sense his personality from interviews, TV programs that he was on and most of all, his play. Many players who have a attacking position in big clubs are selfish. They hold on to the ball for a long time and tries to get goals by themselves. Kagawa, on the contrary has a great balance between passing and dribbling, thus getting him both assists and goals being a great team player.

So, in conclusion I admire Shinji Kagawa because he is amazing not only as a footballer but also as a human.

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