Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Choice of Book "Moneyball"

I chose to read Moneyball by Michel lewis. It is a real story about how a poor baseball club, the Oakland Athletics, and Billy Beane, the baseball manager, won a 102 games in one baseball season.

I picked this book because I have watched the movie version of it, which got great ratings. I wanted to know more about the story and about the aspects that the movie could not show.

My expectations are that it is even better than the movie and will tell the story in more detail.

I already like the fact that it describes Billy Beane's background completely through taking snippets of his high school carrer and how he got into the big leagues.

However, there is a slight problem that the book has the concept of finances and money which is not a concept that I understand much about.

I really think that this book would be worth reading and will keep
me sucked in so much that I will  read until the end in no time.

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