Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How and why do we see different?

Showing and not telling was probably the most important skill I learnt this unit and will also be the skill I will remember most. It was a whole new way of writing, as it included a lot of description, which was not how I wrote before. I think that the new style helped me improve my metaphoric language and describing the scene in detail.

It was also interesting how the story completely changed from when you wrote in first perspective to another person's perspective. It made me think of the feelings of people other then myself and how their's will be different according to their age, motivation and the position they were in.  It made me reflect on how I was so concerned about myself that I didn't stop and look around most of the time, especially when I was doing something that excited me. I think that writing from another perspective changed me to think from not just my own view.

All of this was new interesting learning to me. It improved my writing dramatically by description and also by writing in different perspectives.

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