Saturday, 20 October 2012

Liverpool vs Reading

It was a nice cool afternoon at merseyside and the Red's fans were looking forward for liverpool's first home win this season. Liverpool have not exactly been the luckiest team up till now, with injures being the latest news half the time. So, the guys who had newly joined the disabled list were Borini, out for around 3 months, and Reina, a slight injury in the hamstrings which shouldn't last long. However they did have hope for victory, because they were against 18th placed Reading.

So, the match started with Borini and Reina being replaced by Suso and Jones. Liverpool dominated the game right from the start, but cannot get anything useful done in the penalty box. On the 24th minute, an accident occurred to reading. Jem Karacan had to be taken out, due to Gerrard's tackle a minute or so ago. The event barely changes anything on the field, as the hosts were keeping the ball at least 30m from goal the whole time. Then, the moment of magic came on the 29th minute. Suarez taps the ball over the head of reading's defense line and 17 year-old Sterling takes a touch before finishing it in the net. GOAL

That was the only goal in the whole match, getting Liverpool 3 points and their first win at Anfield. Although Reading did get back into the match some how in the second half, they couldn't get it past the goal line and suffered it's forth loss.

The next match is against Anzhi for the Europa league and after that comes the long awaited merseyside derby against the other team in town, Everton.

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