Friday, 5 October 2012

Liverpool vs Udinese 2-3 WHY?

Liverpool vs Udinese 2-3                                                                                             Photo by Teastick
Typical Liverpool. Sums it up really. Make a thousand chances in the first half, barely make use of it. Go to sleep in the second half and boom! Disaster. This is pretty much what almost all liverpool matches have been this season. The passing tactic that Brendan Rodgers brought in was a double sided sword. It makes many chances, but one mistake = instant death. It's not Rodgers' fault entirely. It's quite hard to get a totally new style of play when the team you took on had been playing barbarian football for the last 3 years. So, the defenders who aren't used to passing so much are going to make crucial mistakes at least half the season. The attackers have mixed in quite nicely in this style, but just can't get the finishing touch. Suarez has been doing a great job and so has Sterling, the young star. Gerrard has been ok and Allen has been excellent. So, why can't Liverpool win? SHOOTING! Do some practice. Get it in the net. That all. And one those goals start appearing from players like Borini, Liverpool WILL be back. Next Match will be on the 7th, against Stoke City, a must win match for the players but also Rodgers to keep his neck in tact.

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