Monday, 29 October 2012

Merseyside Derby- Liverpool vs Everton

The Merseyside derby, the matches between the neighbors Liverpool and Everton, is the roughest game in the premier league with the most red cards being shown in the games; this one no different.

For a long time, Liverpool have been the better side, always being one of the best teams in the premier league. However, the side with power have changed from red to blue, as Everton have started to come higher in the league table while Liverpool have gone down fro it's peak.

So, the match started with both sides attacking in different styles: the hosts passing around and the visitors going old style, booting the ball to Fellaini upfront. Each side takes two corner kicks, until the moment of glory comes. Enrique gets a wonderful through ball from the left and charges into the penalty box, then sends the ball in for Sterling to finish. However, Sterling gets pushed over and cannot  reach the ball. It looked like the chance had come to a waste, but Suarez out of the blue gets the ball and takes a shot. The ball hits Baines, a Everton defender, then gets sucked into the net.

With the early lead, Liverpool attacks even further, Suarez scoring a sensational goal from Gerrard's free kick. With a 2-0 lead it looked safe, but the time was only 20 minutes into the match. The defense must have let their concentration down and not thought about the famous saying "the 5 minutes after you score is the most vulnerable." because their lead was reduced to 1 from Everton's corner kick not being punched away far enough by Jones, which resulted in a firing shot in the back of the net.

With the tide completely turned, Everton scored another goal in the 35th minute, tying the score 2-2. Everton attack furiously even after that, and got close to their come-back goal several times, but the effort was not enough to break through the defense. Time went on with nothing happening, Sterling's one on one with the keeper on the 48th minute being the biggest chance, until injury time. The ball had found it's way into the goal.

It was the 93rd minute. Gerrard's free kick again. He crossed the ball to Coates who headed the ball down, where Suarez got his foot out and blasted it in the net. The players were already celebrating, until they noticed that the off-side flag had been raised. But it wasn't an offside!

However, the decision did not turn, finishing the match with only 1 point for Liverpool, not the 3 they should have been given. With 7 yellow cards being shown, the match was indeed a tough one, but Everton did have the right to gain one point from the effort they had shown to get back from 2 down. It was indeed a great match and it is such a shame that it had to be ruined in the dying minutes.

You can view the offside/goal moment here. (I could not put it on the page, as it was not on youtube.)

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