Monday, 1 October 2012

One at Bat

One of the awesome projects that the internet and social media created.

The "One at Bat" project was started by Matt Liston, a film maker, to give Adam Greenberg a second chance. Adam Greenberg was a man in the Major leagues and in July 9th 2005, he was given the right to stand in the batters box of the Majors for the first time. Pinch hitting in the ninth inning, it was the highest point of his life until just a few seconds later, he got hit in the head with an 92 mile per hour pitch. The first pitch he saw becoming the last. The accident caused him 1 and a half years to recover and never got him back to the level he was at.

Matt Linston felt the urge to help this poor man, and so the idea he came up with was to get Adam Greenberg his official major league at bat. To do this he used the internet, the social media, and the story spread like a fire.

And on the 27th of September 2012, Miami Marlins made a 1 day contract with Greenberg to give him the one at bat that he deserves. The match will be on the 2nd of October (3rd in singapore) against the New York Mets.


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