Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Independent book review (Cult Football)

a) What is one thing you learned about yourself after reading today? Was there a character or an event in your reading that led you to this new understanding? Tell us about it. 

I learnt that I haven't even had 1% of the knowledge on the history of football. I understood this from the section in the book about the origins of football. Before I thought it came completely from England, but in this book it states that there are some information suggesting that it came from China, as a ball kicking game called zuqiu.

b)  Find a passage you felt was especially well written and describe what you found interesting about the writer's craft. 

A sentence on the development of the formations in football (page 11) " 4-3-2-1, Terry Venables' Christmas tree formation, lasted as long s a real Christmas tree does. " 
I found this sentence interesting as it used a play of words, to show how long the formation lasted.

c)  Write about anything else you feel like sharing at this point in your book: predictions, excitement, disappointment, etc....

It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, mainly because it is non-fiction and I'm not used to it. However, I think that it is a good experience reading non-fiction and I think if I were to read non-fiction, it would be on football because that what I like to read about.

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