Thursday, 8 November 2012

Liverpool and Transfers Huntelaar

"We'll have funds. I'm in talks with the owners at the moment along with our recruitment team. We know we need to reinforce the group, so that's something that is ongoing." - Brendan Rodgers 


For sometime, liverpool have been linked with transfers and the comment up there by the manager shows that liverpool are going to cash in some money to get players this up coming transfer market. 

What liverpool needs is quite simple. Strikers. Right now, in liverpool we have 7 strikers in the team, 3 being younger than 19, Borini, who is injured, and Pacheco, who has yet to have made an appearance in  the premier league this season, being 21. So, thinking about who they can actually use and are not injured there is only one player : Suarez. Assadi, doesn't really count, as he is more of a winger than a striker.

Like this was clear to me, it has been clear for Brendan and his companions. So, they have already started moving towards Huntelaar, a dutch striker in Shalke 04. It has been said on some sources already, that they are getting ready 6 million pounds for him. (Sunday Mirror) 

Some might think that this is a rip off, or even more, think that he is of no use. I think that he is the perfect kind of player we need. He is 29 and is nearing his peak and has a lot of experience, from playing in clubs such as Real Madrid and AC Milan. His numbers speak from itself, having scored 29 goals in the Budesliga to claim the top scorer and scored 48 goals in the whole season.

I think that Liverpool must get him if they want to get to a higher level and if they don't want to make the same mistake that they made in the summer transfer market.

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