Monday, 12 November 2012

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Draws arn't bad, they're just not great. Getting one point isn't bad but getting 3 is even better. Just another draw, sadly not a win.

Rodgers tried a different approach to the game, changing his 4-3-3 (4-5-1 at times) formation to a completely new 3-5-2 with Agger, Carrager and Wisdom as the 3 back and Sterling joining Suarez up front. It's never bad to try something new and have an experiment, especially when things are not going quite as well.

It actually worked well, with the Reds being able to take possession at a high rate. But the early lead was stolen by Chelsea as John Terry meets Mata's corner kick after completely leaving Agger behind. The tide worsens as more and more chances are made by Chelsea but the score stays 1-0 thanks to the bad finishing from the Chelsea players and also from the great saves by Brad Jones, the substitute keeper.

Than a horrible accident suddenly occurs on the 34th minute. Suarez gets the ball around 35 or less meters from goal and dribbles up the field. John Terry, the Chelsea captain, stands in front of him, making Suarez slow down. Then, Out of the blue, Ramires pushes Suarez from behind, causing him to fall on top of John Terry. Terry clutches his knee in agony and gets sent off the field on the stretcher.

The first half ends with Liverpool having had 64% in possession but with Chelsea having had more than twice the number of chances.

The second half is quite the same, with Chelsea making loads of chances and wasting them all. It looked like it was going to be a matter of time for it to become 2-0 but the decisive goal came to Liverpool. It was Suarez, the Uruguayan international who had already scored 7 goals in the premier league this season, again who became the hero. It was the 73rd minute, Suso's corner kick. The ball bended and swirled to near post, where Carrager flicked the ball back with his head, for Suarez to bash his head on in and get it in.

Although there were several chances after the goal, the scoreline did not change and it finished 1-1. Making Chelsea get farther from Man U and Liverpool to stay 13th place. It was quite a difficult match with Chelsea getting near the goal millions of times, but the one point was quite a good result considering the power difference between the two.

The next match is between Wigan Athletic, which positions just underneath Liverpool in the table with a one point difference.

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