Sunday, 4 November 2012

Liverpool vs Newcastle

Should I be annoyed that we didn't get 3 points or be happy that we at least got one? It is a simple question. We could have gotten 3 points. The question of why we didn't win is more difficult. The fact that such a small thing, the ball getting over the line and into the net, is what determines the winner to the loser is a shame but also at the same time, the beauty of the game.

It was indeed a Liverpool like game, may be the right terminology. No matter how many chances is made, no matter how many passes are made, only goals are what is valued. It was a typical type of match in Anfield, 100 chances, 1 goal. Newcastle on the other hand, showed the difference between a team which came 8th and a team which came 5th, by making use of the very few chances they created.

Liverpool dominated all round and Suarez, the Uruguayan superstar was like usual, in the middle of it all. The newcastle keeper, Tim Krul, was tested to the limit as liverpool get closer and closer to goal but it was N'castle who got the lead. In the 43rd minute, Ben Arfa gets past Enrique and sends a cross to far post, where Cabaye controls the ball and slams it into the net with a powerful shot.

But, the Reds don't change their way of play and continue to dominate. Then, their efforts finally get rewarded in the 67th minute. Enrique sends a long ball down the middle, where Suarez outpace all the defenders, controls the ball with his shoulder, skills the keeper and taps it into the net. His 7th goal of the season , just one away from Van Persie's 8.

Many further chances are made, including Shelvey's 2 great chances which went to waste, but none are enough to break into the net. Coloccini gets a red card with 5 minutes to go, after a awful tackle on Suarez and Newcastle go down to 10 players but keep their ground for a tie.

Liverpool could've won but didn't and in the end only got 1 point, a disappointing match but it made it 5 premier league matches without a loss and 2 consecutive draws in the Premier league.

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