Monday, 19 November 2012

Liverpool vs Wigan

While the top clubs in the table were screaming in agony, Liverpool was screaming in happiness.

3 wins 6 draws 3 losses. Back to square one. The only problem, Man City's 13 points away.

Total domination would be the correct word. It's only wigan, one might say. But no matter who the opponent is, their value of 3 points will never change.

Rodgers put the formation back to 4-3-3 from the 3-5-2 they challenged to obtain a draw from Chelsea. Reina, who was out in an injury came back into the starting line up, something that the fans have long awaited for.

Liverpool dominated from the first half, with dozens of shots, but they struggle to get it past between the posts. Even Suarez, the super man, cannot score. Wigan defense stays tough but effort was not enough to keep a clean sheet.

Just 2 minutes after the second half whistle, Suarez does it again. Liverpool steal the ball in the Wigan half of the field and the ball gets to Sterling, the speed star. He takes a great touch, then races through the side. He cuts back, passing the ball to Suarez in the penalty box, who does his job and finishes it off.

Once you wake up the sleeping lion, nothing will make it stop. Yes. It was him again. Enrique makes a run from the left side into the middle. As the Wigan defenders come crowding at him, he sends a killer pass down the middle to Suarez, which the Uruguayan calmly places it in the back of the net.

The third and final goal came from Enrique. Sterling gets the ball from a throw-in and cuts in. He does a one-two with Suarez and takes a shot. The shot gets saved by Al Habsi, but the ball came straight to Enrique, who gets it in the empty goal, scoring his first goal for Liverpool.

The match ended 3-0. A crushing win, which raised Liverpool all the way to 11th place. Truly a great match, especially for Suarez as he scored two goals, securing his place in the top scorers. The next match is against Swansea city, the team that Rodgers were in last season.

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