Thursday, 31 January 2013

Prompt Whistle

The magic whistle was an item used in the 23rd century, for the purpose to keep away mutated dogs which have developed tusks like the elephants and high intelligence with the IQ of 5000. It can be used by anyone from children to elders, being one of the most user friendly dog repellents. It is very simple to use, just blow into the whistle saying "cat!" The super sonic waves that are emitted terrifies mutated dogs, the word "cat" making it even more effective, as they are the preys of mutated cats, which have become more of a gigantic tiger. This item was abandoned after the 24th century after the dogs have created with their intelligence, permanent head phones which have the logo "Deats", very similar to ones popular in the 21st century, although it completely destroyed their extra high sensing powers making them unable to swiftly change direction. The decline in power of the mutated dogs made them become preys of the humans in the 25th century.

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