Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Suarez has done it again

FA cup 4th Round, against Mansfield.
Daniel Sturridge, Rodger's new signing proved his worth in just a matter of minutes, 7 to be exact, making him the 2nd fastest debut goal scorer.
Normally this kind of achievement would be what brings the match to the front pages, but another goal, one by Luis Suarez got even more attention from the media.

It was on the 59th minute, with the Reds up 1-0. Suarez gets a long ball from behind and gives it to downing with a touch. Downing dribbles into the box, fakes a shot and passes to the middle. Suarez directly shoots but it gets blocked by the keeper. However the ball deflects back to Suarez. This was the moment in which the crime was done. Suarez's hand hit the ball and bounced in front of him, leaving a easy shot into the net.

Since it hit his hand, the referee should have not counted the goal, declaring it handball. However the referee failed to spot the crime and the goal was counted. The goal ended up becoming the winning goal, with Mansfield scoring in the last 10 minutes of the match.

There are many kinds of opinions around the web, many criticizing Suarez. He rightly has the reason to be criticized, especially with him kissing his hand as celebration pouring oil on fire. However, I find it very weird that very few people have looked at the other side and criticized the referee. If the referee had been able to spot the act, no such problem would have happened.

As a liverpool and Suarez fan, I am disappointed at both the referee and Suarez, for not spotting and admitting the hand ball. There are some people who have also view it as it not being 100% Suarez's fault, such as Mansfield striker Matt Green who admits that he would have done the same if he was in Suarez's position.

As a football fan in general, I hope that the standard of referees go up so that no more games will be ruined, and for Suarez to stop rubbing dirt on liverpool's reputation.

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