Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is blogging an useful element in an english classroom

I agree to the statement "Blogging is an useful element of an English Classroom" as I believe blogging is an useful tool to improve english skills. One important skill that can be easily improved through blogging is the structuring of one's own words. Since writing on a blog means anybody can read it, one will be increasingly careful not to make mistakes which will lead to them having a habit of having good structures. However, the same aspect that helps one get better english through blogging can be a double sided sword. The problem with blogging making a blogger think that it has to be a piece of good writing is that it becomes an essay, school work, something that is not relaxing but instead tiring. The people that are able to write in a blog naturally are able to use good english or don't care if they make a fool of themselves or has something that they have something passionate about which they want to share their opinion on. I believe that a blog is somewhere you can find what you are really passionate about and that passion will connect to one honing their english skills. English class is not just about the language of english, but also the skill of being able to use it to ones own needs. Blogging supplies both of these, so it does have a place in an english classroom.

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