Monday, 18 February 2013

Update: Reds January transfer market

Hello! It's me, the guy who's ditched blogging for the last 2 months or so.  Since I've gotten tired of doing match reviews, for this blog post, I will update you people with information you probably already know through a number of posts. First, starting from winter, the January transfer market.

Coutinho and Sturridge 
Before January, there was many rumors and articles on which players Liverpool are going to take, with names like Walcott, Huntelaar, Tom Ince and so on. But in reality, the only players they were able to acquire were Sturridge and Coutinho. Although this disappointed fans in the beginning, these spendings turned out to be a complete success. Sturridge has been absolutely fabulous for the reds, already scoring 5 goals and Coutinho, who came in late January, has made his debut and also scored in the most recent Swansea game.

That is it for this post and I should be blogging soon.

Pics from Ben Sutherland and Carlos Trindade Fotojornalista

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