Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The discussion was mainly a review of what I've learned about poetry in the last 5 years, except for the difference from a prose. It was said that a poem could convey more emotion through less words, and that it didn't have to follow a structure.

I don't really enjoy poetry to be honest, I don't have a book full of poems or choose to read poems in my free time. To me, its just another component we have to study in school. 

It was in 2nd grade when I first came against poetry, and I found it excruciatingly difficult because we had one rule that we had to follow. It HAD to rhyme. 

Analyzing poems was a concept that I was told in grade 6. Although I didn't have too much trouble with it, I didn't really get it. I was told that it was a form of art, something that we appreciate, and I thought that we didn't critic poems just like how we don't critic paintings. I thought that there was no guideline of such which made a good poem and a bad poem, so there was no reason to analyze.


After today's class, I felt that I didn't know much about the oral component of the poem, how sounds like "ch" are considered aggressive.  I don't really understand this component to its fullest yet, but I think that I learned that Poets think deeper than I thought they did, to deliberately use words with particular sounds. 

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